War in Yemen, Made in Europe

Arne Govaerts

Last Saturday, I participated in a direct action against the war in Yemen, the biggest humanitarian crises in the world right now, according to the United Nations, a war in which we as Europeans carry an enormous responsibility.

This concrete action was targeting the visit of the Bahri Yanbu to the Port of Antwerp. This Saudi owned vessel is notorious for transporting tons of weapons, ammunition and explosives to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen. In the period 2018-2019 this ship picked up 53 tons in Antwerp alone, as found by Belgian newspaper Le Soir and magazine Knack.

As War Crime Inspectors we checked if passing trucks where transporting weapons or explosives. If not, they were greeted by a cheering crowd and got a vignette for being an Arms Free Truck. In the evening, we got the news that the Bahri Yambu is denied access, so a huge win for peaceful protest.

In order the make this more than a personal anecdote, I welcome everyone to the protests organised across Europe in honour of the 5th Anniversary of the war to be held 25th March.